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Another Relayed Tunnel here (within same ISP SPECIFIC ISSUE)

Hey all 👋I'm using hamachi for few years now and never had such an issue without any solution. My connection to my friends and everywhere else always was through solid direct tunnel, until now.


So I'm using my gaming rig at parent's home and my laptop at my home to stream games on and play.  The thing is that both houses are using the same internet, that means same ISP, same GPON router, same subnet, etc, it's literally next house in neighborhood. For example if I'll trace route to google lets say, the trace will be exact same, however if I check my public IP address in both houses, the difference is only last digit, like in one house it's and another is, so between of these I get relayed tunnel, but if I change internet source on one of computers, I immediately get direct tunnel, like mobile hotspot or if I connect my laptop from working place, it's always direct tunnel, but only at home it's relayed tunnel 😕


I know how to google, I read lots of forums before posting my problem here,  and please don't send me videos, tutorials of how to turn off the firewall, or assign specific ports to tcp and utp in hamachi, neither how to do port forwarding in routers... ofc I know all that stuff and tried the ones which I thought could be possible cause (except DMZ thing) I found that it's not a PC or hamachi configuration problem, neither ISP problem, I think it's hamachi server side issue, maybe for some reason they don't allow direct tunnel connections within the "same" network ???


Previously my friends also experienced same issue, as they were using same ISP internet though in different districts, they never had a direct tunnel to each other within the "same" network, so I was always playing the role of host in every game.

Please share with me your thoughts guys, let's find out what is causing this issue ?