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Can only browse to 1 host on gateway network


I have been searching for a few hours and can't find a solution to a problem I have with  Hamachi. I hope it's fairly easy to solve.


I have a Raspberry Pi running Hamachi as a gateway on a network at a business location. The router/gateway is, their domain server is and the device whose web interface I want to browse to is


I connect using my Windows 10 laptop (latest version of Hamachi) and can use Explorer to browse their file shares on various servers, etc, all fine. Their UPNP devices show when I look in the network screen. If I use Chrome to go to (their domain server), I see the IIS7 screen (i.e. the page loads fine). However, I can't get to the web interface of any other device on that network - only the domain server. 


Is there a reason this would be happening?

New Contributor

Re: Can only browse to 1 host on gateway network

I forgot to say, I can ping the desired device fine. Just can't get to its web interface.