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Can't connect to SQL using a mobile connection


I downloaded Hamachi to connect to a Sql Database on a remote server running Windows 10.

When the Client computer (windows 10) uses a Routerinternet  connection  (as opposed to via a mobile) it can connect to the remote server database. This is the case whether the Server is behind a Router OR connected to a mobile connection.


However, when the Client uses a mobile connection it does not connect -  it keeps trying to connect and eventually times out with an error message.


Any help or wisdom appreciated!


GoTo Moderator

Re: Can't connect to SQL using a mobile connection

Hi @JoePublic are you using the mobile as a hotspot or are you trying to connect directly from the mobile device? 

Check this article for more information on setting up an Android device as an Hamachi client. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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