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New Contributor

Gateway VPN Private IP Instead of LAN IP

I have  had a gateway network with 1 gateway and 2 clients.  I have a paid subscription but when the gateway comes up it will end up with a private IP address (169.254.x.x). I am not able to get it to give me a local IP.  This all was working and some reason stopped.  I have no firewalls turned on and verified that they are indeed off.  I have tried to uninstall and reinstall Hamachi as well as create a new network.  This is all not working...what am I missing?

New Contributor

Re: Gateway VPN Private IP Instead of LAN IP

I have the same issue but only with certain ISP/routers.  I have a wireless network at work and everything was working correctly but when I got home I was getting the VPN private IP instead of the local IP.  I have access to another wireless network at home and connected to that and it works!


I'm guessing this is a router issue?  Kind of disappointing as I'm trying to use hamachi to alleviate issues I'm having with my work router's built in VPN not working with some client's routers.   I guess I'm glad I discovered this issue before paying anything.