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Hamachi File Issue

Hi All,


I've tried searching on here but I cannot find a solution to my problem. 

I have one user who uses Hamachi to save files onto our system, however once they have saved the file, I can see it, and other users who have access to that specific location can see the files, but this user cannot. Also, for some files, there is a grey cross next to the file and they get an Access is denied error when trying to open the file, but other users can open it.


All the setups for Hamachi users are the same, with the same priviledges and access rights and all on Windows 10 machines, and the link is showing as a direct tunnel with no problems detected on either end.


I have tried uninstalling and removing their link from the system and reinstalling from scratch, but this has not helped. The firewall settings are all the same for every user and nothing is different so I cannot for the life of me see what the issue is.


Does anyone here have any ideas?

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