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New Contributor

Hamachi network adapter disabled and will not enable

Hello all,


I have been trying to run Hamachi with a peer. When attempting to set up a network, both my peer and I can connect to the network just fine, but we cannot actually use it to connect to one another. When running an in-app diagnosis, my peer's connection is ok, but my Hamachi states that the Hamachi adapter is disabled.


When I found the Hamachi network adapter in my Network Connections, it is in fact disabled. However, when I right click on the adapter and click Enable, it will go through a dialog box to enable, but it will remain disabled even after this dialog box states that the adapter is enabled. Hamachi is running as an administrator, I am an administrator on this device. The Hamachi tunneling service is running, I have already tried stop/starting it. This is a brand new Hamachi installation. The LogMeIn Hamachi Virtual Ethernet Adapter shows as a device in my Device Manager. The only issue that the Hamachi diagnostic runs into is the adapter being disabled, and I am unsure why I cannot enable it. Why might this be?