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New Contributor

Hamachi not working on my mac

Everytime I load up hamachi it comes up with the message failed to connect to the engine. What should I do?

GoTo Manager

Re: Hamachi not working on my mac

Hi @bob27,


This indicates the failure of the Hamachi service. Have you used Hamachi successfully on this Mac before? Could it be being blocked in the new Mac Security and Privacy settings?


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Hamachi not working on my mac

it works on my macbook air but not on my macbook pro m1. Is there a way to check if something is blocking hamachi? Theres nothing in the mac security and privacy settings

Active Contributor

Re: Hamachi not working on my mac

The response from @GlennD  response was not helpful at all as he completely avoided the real issue here.. Hamachi for Mac has been abandoned and they have no plans to release a version that supports Macs that run on Apple's own processors.  This was confirmed to me by LogMeIn support.  I suggest you move on to TaleScale or ZeroTier instead.