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Hamachi start on windows start / restart?

I've seen this being asked and answered in various ways, but nothing seems to really work. Hoping somoene who's had similar problems can advise.


To explain, the main issue is the Server I have Hamachi on may restart itself due to updates, power issues, whatver the reason. When it starts up again, Hamachi won't run automatically. To be specific, I want / need Hamachi to be able to run / power on when the System starts. I don't want to have to login to the system, which is my only solution currently.


I've tried various resolutions suggested. Latest I've tried was a combination of bat / cmd files. I created below based off other posts:


Net Start Hamachi2Svc
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi\x64
hamachi-2.exe --cli login


I've created a Scheduled task that should run when the device starts, i.e not login. I've set it to run the above commands that should in theory start the service if it hasn't already, then power on the app if it isn't. I've ran these commands while logged in and they do as intended. Each time I restart though, Hamach remains offline until I login.


Anyone with a similar issue ever resolved it? Is it something it's not capable of? Apprecieate any insight.

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Re: Hamachi start on windows start / restart?

Hi @GemNet, welcome to the community.


Do you have a paid Hamachi subscription? You need to have a paid, active subscription for Hamachi to Run as a Service on Windows.


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