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New Contributor

Immediatelly after payment for group - group is not accessible

It is boring sittuation, because it has been occuring since last 10 years ? Or longer ? 

Every year I have expiring my Hamachi group. So it is cuted from 32 to 5 free users because there is no active subscription. I downscaled my 2 groups to one group, so I don;t have other active subscription to attach.

So a start processing payment for new subscription. Payment confirmed by Logmein, I receive even final invoice with PAID status on it. I try to attach this new subscription. And what is happening ?

For 10 years or even longer - NOTHING is happening. Because there is no subscription to choose on the list when I enter setup for my group settings. After 24 hours or longer, in magic way it shows up on the list and I can choose new subscription to activate that group.  

Is it too hard for Logmein developers  to repair this strongly confusing behaviour of Logmein system ? Every year I was making this nitices as a support ticket. For all that previuos years...