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New Contributor

Is it possible to use Hamachi to connect two separate LANs?

Hi Everyone,

I am new to LogMeIn Hamachi and this forum, so I hope my posted is related.


Here is the scenario:

I have two PCs both connected to the internet using WiFi.

They use Hamachi and are connected easily. So my PC can ping the remote PC when using Hamachi IP address.

Let's call them PC1 and PC2. So:




PC2                 25.78.212.bbb


At PC1:

ping 25.78.212.bbb

works fine.


At PC2:


works fine.


Each PC is connected to a Raspberry Pi module via Ethernet connection.

Obviously the IP address of Ethernet cards on PC and Raspberry Pi are not in the same domain as Hamachi. So:


                                Hamachi                                     Ethernet                                               Raspberry Pi

PC1                               192.168.137.ccc                                  192.168.137.eee

PC2                 25.78.212.bbb                    192.168.137.ddd                                 192.168.137.fff


At PC 1:

ping 192.168.137.eee

works fine. The raspberry pi also can ping the PC.


At PC 2:

ping 192.168.137.fff

works fine. The raspberry pi also can ping the PC.



Here is the problem. At PC1, I cannot ping the raspberry pi attached to PC2. The same problem exists for PC2 and the other raspberry pi.


I am using Windows 10 on both PCs an raspberry pis are running on linux.

I wonder if there is a way to solve the problem.