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Active Contributor

Order nodes in alphabetical order

Im a Mac OS X user (subscripted) and every day i must search in over 200 clients to find one. I have no idea why the interface on Max OS X dont show clients nodes in order. Windows do.


Please FIX THIS BORING situation ASAP. Is a pain in the *ss for real users using this to give support to other customers.


Best regards

New Contributor

Re: Hamachi on Mac OS X dont show nodes in alphabetical order (very boring)

Having similar type issue. i’m trying to download LogMeIn Hamachi on Mac to play java minecraft with friends. But for some reason it keeps downloading in not English? Anyone know why or how to fix? Thanks

Active Contributor

Re: Order nodes in alphabetical order

How many time we must pay license for this UNFINISHED app? Seriously? cant fix that thing?