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New Contributor

Ping Timeout in Hamachi



I am struggeling using LogMeIn Hamachi since a few days. Whatever I do I can't Ping users, while they can ping me. I have tried the following: 

  • Resolving Hamachi Request Timed Out - Hamachi Knowledgebase
  • New Rules (Incoming, Outcoming Rules) in the Firewall for Hamachi.
  • Disabled "Automatic Metric" and set it to 9000 (Doesn't seem to work, because when I try to do "route print" it shows: "Metric: 10" on the IP "")
  • Removed Persistent Routes
  • Allow File and Printer sharing
  • Restart PC/Router/Hamachi a lot of times
  • Checked Ports over my Router
  • Checked my Network Firewall (Everything should be okay)

Anything important to know:

  • Windows 8
  • 64-Bit System

Nothing seems to work.