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New Contributor

Relayed Tunnel with a specific person

Hi all,  Ive been having this problem with this specific friend while trying to play Lan games with each other. 

We both can see everyone we play with connected via direct tunnel (green) but for some reason we are connected via server (blue). He sees everyone with direct tunnel and so do I, except for each other. Only our pcs cannot connect via direct tunnel for some reason. Sometimes, it fixes itself by reseting hamachi a billion times until it works, but lately not even that works anymore. We both have our ports open in router, and we both have set 'allow all' trafic with each other.  What could be causing the conection problems between us? By the way, we all live in the same country just a couple of streets away, so the ip range or something like that shouldnt be a problem (or that is what I understand)


Thank you in advance