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Relayed connection on linux


I'm having a really big problem with relayed connection on linux hamachi. I know hamachi uses TCP 12975 for direct connection, but it seems like my hamachi don't know that. When i check my connections from linux terminal, all connections says "via server TCP N/A". After turninfg UPnP on from my router all connections say "via relay UDP 17771". I know that is the port for relayed connection. I tried opening TCP ports from my router but connections still remains the same. So because TCP port is not available, hamachi is using the relayed connection.

I did check the config file, and it says that hamachi IS using the right port.


The linux gui for hamachi, haguichi, doesn't have any way to change settings. I've never used the windows hamachi gui, but it seems like it has the option to tell hamachi witch ports to use. I've searched the internet for instruction on how to change the settings from terminal, but haven't found anything.


I'm getting really frustrated with this one.

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Re: Relayed connection on linux

Hi Meka,


The configuration files for Hamachi on Linux are located in /var/lib/logmein-hamachi/. The base engine configuration resides in the file h2-engine.cfg within this folder. In a file named h2-engine-override.cfg you should be able to override some values from the h2-engine.cfg file.


You can create the override file yourself if absent. But since you mention using Haguichi this file should be present already (Haguichi creates this override file with Ipc.User line when you hit "Configure" the first time, so that you can control Hamachi using your normal user account).


Because everything in /var is owned by root, you will need to use sudo to edit the override file:

sudo nano /var/lib/logmein-hamachi/h2-engine-override.cfg

After you are done editing the override file you need to restart the Hamachi service in order to have your changes applied:

sudo systemctl restart logmein-hamachi

I hope this information will get you a bit further. Good luck and please share anything you find out!