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Social Distance Use Case: Club with 100 members, 12 events per year, fewer than 32 attendees at each

I am the webmaster for a club that has around 100 members. The club holds monthly focus events on specific  topics. Because not all members are interested in all topics, we have never had more than 32 of the 100 members attend any one event. In the current coronavirus quarantine climate, we would like to interconnect the attendees of each event using a Hamachi Mesh network. 


If I were to purchase a "Standard License for 6-32 computers/network" how would the network ID/Password/size limit work? Assume that there would never be more than 1 simultaneous event; that there would never be more than 32 attendees; but the attendees would never be the same 32 as attended last month. Would my license permit me create a new network instance every month for that month's event? Or would I clear the attendee list after each month's event and start over with the same ID and Password for the next event? Or ???


Thanks in advance for any advice,