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Tunnel all network connections through Humatchi



My network in my office is restricted. (before I get comments about opening my work's network up etc,etc). The wifi network at work is a separate guest network that is closed and has no access to the actual companies server network and other stuff.


For me to bypass the restrictions and to access my home file sharing & to bypass these internet restrictions.  I considered activating a home network VPN which means I can tunnel to my home network and access the internet from there. (getting past work's restrictions). However, this has worked on my phone but not my Mac. The mac seems to have access to the devices on my home network e.g.  I can ping home network devices as well as access my home network drives. However, it doesn't seem to tunnel the actual internet through this VPN. Which means it hasn't lifted these restrictions. 


Can anyone help with this and advise the steps necessary to allow my mac to access the internet at home instead of works network.