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What has changed recently?

WHAT do you have changed in the LAST 10 Days (Maybe 7days)...that with the new Version of win10pro 21H1 get bad??

just slow Internet, slow downloads, dsl speedtest sites and and and… hanged up.

i just have a download btw 300-700kb...i HAVE a 1000MBIT line.

i tried in the last 2days ALL Version of Windows btw 1703 and 21H1...make a recovery Points.

BUT...after i install hamachi versions from 2013 until 2019 it automatically installs the NEWEST Version, so

i have same PROBLEMS.


i used hamachi...OVER 15years....with NO Problems....what the hell is going on since 7-10 days???

if i install hamachi...the Windows reocovery Points get NO good way, this Option.

i installed Windows 10 pro with recovery Points and complete NEW installs, but still the same Problems...

AFTER i install hamachi...WHY???


this IS ALL i have installed directly after new install:


so what the HELL i make wrong???

New Contributor

Re: WTF???

the same with Edge, opera and Firefox...

New Contributor

Re: What has changed recently?

i tried winver 2004 build older windos10pro, make a recoverypoint, installed hamachi then...

but what happens?...still the same problems. i had to recover then, and all runs fine/perfect.

i installed windows now 9 times, with different builds...WITHOUT windowsupdates...and all time

the same happens...idk why.


so i decided to try other vpn software...and my solution after testing 5 others is now RADMIN VPN.

all i need, smaller..and i'm now happy with it.


idk, what you rly changed, but after 15years, i say goodbye...for now. who knows?