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Why isn't Hamachi compatible with M1 Based Macs?

There's been more than enough time to beta test and get the updated kext-less client ready.

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Broken on new macOS 10.15.4

Hamachi does not work on the new version of macOS 10.15.4 released yesterday. Constant messages stating 'Failed to connect to the engine'.


Please can this be looked into as high priority, as I can imagine I will not be the only one?  And with everyone being forced to work at home your software is going to need to work!

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Re: Broken on new macOS 10.15.4

Just upgraded OS to 10.15.4 and received Legacy warning; however, extension works with current software.

Details from System report -- notice deprecated dependancies.

Version: 1.0.0
Last Modified: 4/2/19, 6:45 AM
Bundle ID: com.logmein.hamachi
Notarized: Yes
Loaded: Yes
Obtained from: Identified Developer
Kind: Intel
Architectures: i386, x86_64
64-Bit (Intel): Yes
Location: /Library/Extensions/ham.kext
Kext Version: 1.0.0
Load Address: 18446743521868497000
Loadable: Yes
Dependencies: Deprecated
Signed by: Developer ID Application: LogMeIn, Inc. (GFNFVT632V), Developer ID Certification Authority, Apple Root CA
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Hamachi not currently compatible with OS X Big Sur

Hello everyone,


I am receiving msgs in my Mac that hamachi extension will not be compatible with a future version of macOS.


Do we know if there is a new version of hamachi to cover this issue?


Thank you, Domingo


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Re: Hamachi will not be compatible with a future version of macOS

+1 here.


We have quite a few staff members using Macs to connect remotely. I imagine the whole work from home thing will be going on for quite some time. Telling them not to update to macos 11 in the fall doesn't fill me with joy...

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Re: Hamachi will not be compatible with a future version of macOS

Sorry for the delay.  I checked with the dev team and we don't have enough info from Apple yet to give specific ETAs.  As soon as it becomes available, then the development work will follow.

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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Re: Hamachi will not be compatible with a future version of macOS

What does that mean?  You don't have enough info from Apple?


Your dev team is no doubt a licensed Apple developer, therefore they should have all the info they need from Apple's developer site and the Xcode app.


Please follow back up with them and get the real story, as whatever line they told you is complete BS.

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Hamachi running on macOS Big Sur?

Will Hamachi run on macOS Big Sur? My Catalina machine tells me that Hamachi needs to be updated to run on a future version of macOS. Has anyone tried in on Big Sur? Will there be an update?

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Hamachi doesn't work on macOS Big Sur

I had catalina running on my macOS 'til yesterday, hamachi worked fine, until I installed big sur. I tried to turn hamachi on and then this pops up:


(a small detail: developer is misspelt here)



When clicking OK, the Security and Privacy window appears without the Allow button:



I know Big Sur is currently unsupported, but is there any way to temporarily fix this? 


I'm using a 2014 Mac Mini with the first public beta.

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Re: Hamachi doesn't work on macOS Big Sur

Same here on Big Sur.  There's no 'Allow" button which the dialog is instructing you to use