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hamachi client goes offline



I installed hamachi vpn in a EC2 windows on AWS. When I connect via  RDP, start the services, joined a vpn.

While i am logged in. The vpn works well; After i disconnect clicking in the X bottom without logging off. It goes offline and stops working. When  I login back in i see it there and it goes online.

How can i make it works in background ?


I am using a paid version $49,99

New Contributor

Re: hamachi client goes offline

I have exactly the same problem.
Does anyone have an idea how to solve it?
I found some hints saying to put hamachi in "windows service mode" but it's still unclear how to do it... 😞

GoTo Manager

Re: hamachi client goes offline

Hi @David_L,


A paid Hamachi subscription is required for this. Run Hamachi in the background of networked computers so you always have access even when they’re unattended. Available with Standard, Premium, and Multi-network subscriptions. 


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