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something wrong happend when I downloaded Hamachi

Disclaimer!! English is not my first language so sory if i made any mistakes

My friend told me to install hamachi so we will play on minecraft serwer.  After I installed it my games pictures turned on casual picture (example ) when i try to turn them on the error pops (it says: "windows system cant gain acces to specified device,  paths or file. You may not have appropriate rights for that element" ) when i tried to go to the game files, when i treid to open any folder mostly an error pops out ( ) wchih says "you do not have acces permission to this folder (under it) click continue to gain permament acces to that folder (under) continue , cancel.  Sometimes even after all game doesnt work. Great example is crystal launcher, my little sister wanted to play on my computer on her world but even after i got permament acces the game still doesn`t launch and error pops out even agter i restarted computer. Does anybody know how to fix it? I would be very glad for any help. 


Thank you

GoTo Manager

Re: something wrong happend when I downloaded Hamachi

Cześć, używam Tłumacza Google, aby to napisać. Mam nadzieję, że łatwiej to zrozumieć. Połączenie Hamachi to tylko kolejne połączenie sieciowe, nie kontroluje uprawnień do plików i folderów. Będziesz musiał traktować to jak każdą inną sieć Windows, w której twoje konto użytkownika musi mieć pozwolenie na dostęp do folderu w sieci.

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