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New Contributor

Class C network problem (games)

Hello. I have two games im trying to get to work over LAN. StarCraft and Dungeon Defenders. In both cases i havent gotten a server to show up.

We have a green bulb between us and we can ping each other. The host added VPN Alias of the other user with one number away of difference from my own VPN IP.

I havent used any software to check if the game is using the correct network adapter to host the server, as i dont know how to. Ive done all measures shown everywhere on the net. Including interface metric, adding hamachi at top priority, adding gateway, no PC Firewall, ports forwarded for the games.

Im baffled what the issue can be.

All i can think of is the games not using the correct network adapter to host the server tbh. Any hint how id go forward checking this? Wireshark?