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Every game works fine, except "Conflict Global Storm"!

Hi there!

My friends and I've been using LogMeIn hamachi to play and share for awile. We had some probelms like relayed tunnel or virtual network driver mismatch, ect, all of which we'd come trough.

But, now we've just face a problem we can't solve. That is when we try to use hamachi to play the game "Conflict Global Storm", nothing seems to work, like there is no virtual connection between us.

I think the problem might be due to port forwarding misfunction, special ports (which this game use) misalignment, or the system or router firewall blocking them. However I don't know how to fix them!

I searched on net for this issue and come to this:

in which someone had this problem and did find a way to fix it, by "adding the two port hamachi use", which he didn't named them!


a video illustrating how to play this game with hamachi, but does not recomend any spesific setting for it.

I do love playing old games, and more over, enjoy finding solutions! So, if anyone could help, it would be appricated!