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New Contributor

Factorio over Hamachi

Hey guys,


I'm having an issue with playing Factorio with friends. I'm using Hamachi to connect with my friends but there's a certain problem between me and two of my friends (they share the same internet). I don't have any connection issues with any of my other friends, just the two of them for some reason. The problem is that if one of us hosts and the others connect to them, we would get a very high latency and serious rubber banding. Latency can be as high as up to 4 seconds and makes the game completely unplayable. I'm just wondering if anyone can help me sort this out, I'm not even sure on what end the problem is, me or them. Hamachi diagonse says everything is okay, I tried to ping them and I can but every now and then a request would time out. Let's say that on 10 pings at least 2-3 requests would time out (not sure if this helps or not but maybe it's worth a mention). We tried turning off the firewall and I even reinstalled my Hamachi but that did not help. I'll provide any further information if it's needed to solve this.