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New Contributor

Hamachi VPN security issues?



I just booted up my media streaming box and went into the network and then into the "WORKGROUP" workgroup to login on my computer and stream some video. But when I got into the workgroup there were other computers there as well, hamachi users to be more exact!


I have Hamachi on this machine and it's running 24/7 and I have _never_ seen other Hamachi users on my media streaming box before. It's like the hamachi adapter is bridged with my local area network adapter but it's not.


It's pretty nice that you can actually share the whole Hamachi VPN to the local area network with only one Hamachi client running on one machine but this is also a security issue in my eyes. If I have guests at home using my wifi, should they be able to access my VPN connection just like that? I don't think so!


So, I have no clue on _why_ the Hamachi VPN is being shared throughout the whole network on my old DIR-655 router and the question is, will the Hamachi users in the channel be able to access all my devices at home through my Hamachi client by modifying the packets (eg. connect to my Hamachi IP and point the destination headers to 192.168.x.x - typical NAT behaviour)?


If anyone know how to disable this kind of VPN sharing, let me know, I really don't like this -_-.