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Hamachi for Console gaming

Hi all,


I would like to use Hamachi, to play a game on Nintendo Switch which only supports local LAN Network based multiplayer.


I was thinking of how this may work.


PC and network 1

Hamachi server started on my desktop via ethernet provided network connection

Wifi card on desktop used to create an extension of the Hamachi based connectivity? How would this bit work?


PC and network 2

Hamachi client started and connects to the hamachi server via ethernet provided network connection

Wifi card on desktop used to create an extension of the Hamachi based connectivity? How would this bit work?


I am sure this is not the first time somebody has asked a question like this, can anybody suggest the correct connectivity option and perhaps some specific instructions on how to expose the hamachi vpn connection to the switch which only supports WiFi connectivity and of course can't run Hamachi.


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Re: Hamachi for Console gaming

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Re: Hamachi for Console gaming

I don't know how advanced you are with computers & networks.   But here's some suggestions.  If i had to setup such a network, i would rather have a device On 365/7 instead of having my computer opened everytime i want to play:

  • Check if your router can create a VPN Tunnel.  Most of them have an option for Incoming VPN Connection (to give you access to your LAN from outside your home), but not an option to act as a VPN Client to connect to another router thru VPN.   But somes does that so it worth to check that option.  
  • If your router doesn't have this option, you could check if its a linux OS on it and that a new firmware can be downloaded into it (firmware like DD-WRT, Tomato or anything else allowing to create a VPN Tunnel).  Be careful if you do that, you need to be sure of what you are doing.  I've seen bricked router and you don't want to brick a 300$ router
  • If not.. you can still buy a device to create this tunnel (ex: GL-AR300M, search amazon)

I'm not sure if your suggestion would work.    Your setup would require that your PC act as a router for the wifi connection (to accept connections from the switch), and would have a bridge with the wired NIC to access your home router.  And you must have both PC running everytime you want to play your game...
You can check at open project like this:
but again, it require some technical skills

I've not done this yet, but i'm looking for the same solution too, so my kid's can play Minecraft like on a LAN, with their cousin when he is with his mother.   I need a solution pretty plug-n-play, without needing computer.   I also don't have access to her router since it belong to her phone company.   I'll probably try the device i've mentionned in the post, but i'll try to get more details.   I don't know what is the limitation of such device.  Do they allow more than 1 vpn connection or more than one?  (It could be nice to connect more than 2 house LAN together)

I'll keep you informed of my progress, but i'm doing this only on spare time.  Tell me if you try the solution found on github.  Might be easier for you this way if you are ok with having computer turned On most of the time.