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Others can ping me, I can't ping others | I can connect to others, others can't connect to me

Others on my network (of which there are two) can ping me, but I can't ping them; when playing games together on LAN (e.g. Minecraft) I can connect to either person when they host, and they can connect to each other, but neither can connect to me when I host.
When I tried to diagnose the issue with Hamachi, the Local Results were both OK, but the Peer Results displayed "Traffic test: Inbound traffic blocked, check firewall settings". When one of the others on my network diagnosed me, they recieved the same thing, but under Local Results instead of Peer Results.

I've tried:
-uninstalling and reinstalling Hamachi (to be fair, I only tried it once)
-allowing Hamachi in "Allowed Apps and Features"
-allowing File and Printer Sharing
-enabling all Hamachi rules (Hamachi Client Application / Hamachi Client Tunneling Engine) in Inbound Rules
-enabling File and Printer Sharing for ICMPv4, ICMPv6, and SMB-In in my Inbound rules
-creating new rules for Hamachi in both Inbound and Outbound rules
-going into Firewall Properties and unchecking Hamachi as a Protected Network Connection under Private Profile
-going into Hamachi's adapter settings -> TCP/IPV4 Properties -> Advanced and unchecking "Automatic metric" and setting the Interface metric to 9000
-going into my router and port forwarding Hamachi's Initiator and Session ports (it should also be noted that my router's firewall is set to "Low" and doesn't restrict any programs)

Even turning off my private firewall STILL doesn't allow me to ping either person.
A possible conclusion I've reached is that the issue lies with those on my network I'm trying to connect to- but if that's the case, then how can they connect to each other without issue?

I should note, if it helps, that Hamachi's TCP/IPv4 adapter settings are set to "Obtain an IP/DNS server adress automatically".

How can I fix this?