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New Contributor

Unable to connect with a friend in a android mobile game.

Heya, as the title says, I cant play with a friend on an adroid mobile game. The game only allows Local Wifi gaming, so thats why im trying to even set this up.


To start out, I am completely new to all of this networking type of stuff. I've never set anything up this technical before, though I am more than willing to learn how.


Anyhow, back to the subjct matter, I have set up a Hub-And-Spoke server. I have connected my PC as the hub, and my Phone (Samsung Galaxy S5), and my friend's tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4) as spokes. We've connected our mobile devices using PPTP, and laptop by downloading the Hamatchi client. Everything was able to ping. We both turned on our VPN we set up, and loaded up the game. He was unable to find my game after waiting for a good while. Having set this all up, and being inexpirienced with this ordeal, I am not sure where to turn to now. Any ideas on what is going wrong? I can allways update with whatever information is needed to help out. I just wanna play games with my friends, so I'm willing for about anything.