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5.x.x.x Address Range

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Our CTO has posted information on the LogMeIn Blog regarding our intentions with our Address Schema.  Please read the referenced post to fully understand the change.






Some Hamachi users may be experiencing an issue that involves conflicts with our 5.x.x.x. IP range.   We apologize for the difficulties this presents and hope to have this resolved soon.


In the meantime, those effected who wish to access a 5.x.x.x site can enable IPv6 only mode in their Hamachi settings by going to System > Preferences >Settings>Advanced Settings (current Operating System versions only; those using Windows XP can learn more at http://bit.ly/QlBNN0).  





For updates on this addressing issue, please visit https://secure.logmein.com/welcome/hamachi/vpn/whatsnew.aspx


On Linux


The following command must be typed in the terminal:


hamachi set-ip-mode ipv6


The values for this command are ipv6, ipv4, both


Note:  Some Software programs may not support IPv6 addressing and may require configuring a Gateway Network.

Sean Keough
Product Specialist, LogMeIn Support