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Can't connect to Hamachi server and hamachi ip is

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Everytime I open hamachi it shows as the address and when i press connect it says connected but the ip is still and i can't join any networks or create ones, after 10 seconds it goes back offline and says:


"failed to connect to hamachi serves. would you like hamachi to automatically monitor server availability and establish a connection as soon as it becomes possible?".


although 2 of my friends have it working, only difference is that i have windows 10


I sat the metric to 9000, restarted services, updated the drivers, turned firewall off, re-installed and non of that worked still the same issue.


please help.



version is


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Re: Can't connect to Hamachi server and hamachi ip is

I would do a tracert to hamachi.cc ( CMD > tracert hamachi.cc) and make sure your firewall is not blocking it.