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Cannot connect to others in my Hamachi Server

So I have looked at almost every post I can find regarding the problem of people not being able to connect to one another usually in minecraft. Most all of the advice I have seen regarding this problem has to do with the firewall and normally adding exceptions. I have tried this as well as complete uninstalls and things of the sort. The problem is exactly this. I am trying to play with 2 other family members who live on the other side of the country using the LAN function in games such as minecraft. This has worked flawlessly for a time, but now they can no longer connect to me on anything. However I can connect to them without fail. I did the diagnostic tools and it gives the message about "Traffic test: Inbound traffic blocked, check firewall settings" but to my knowledge, this doesn't matter. They can connect to one another fine, just not me, and they both diagnose eachother with the same thing. In this community does anyone have any idea how to solve without adding exceptions or uninstalling? I have tried those every way I can find, and to no avail. Any help would be appericiated. Thank you and have a fantastic day!