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Changing a Relayed Connection to a Direct Connection.

Hi all, 


Before I begin, I should go through all the steps I already have done. I have:


  • Forwarded ports 443 and 17771 on my router and adjusted setting accordingly in Hamachi2.
  • Allowed all the ports Hamachi2 uses through my Windows Firewall.
  • Restarted Computer, Internet, Hamachi countless times.
  • Researched this topic for hours resulting in head trauma from slamming my head into my desk.

Basically I've done all the suggested methods on forums and the logmein help page for this to almost no avail.


My situation is as followed:

One of my friends is hosting a minecraft server over Hamachi2. The first night I attempted to play, I noticed that my connection to every peer in the Hamachi channel was relayed. I did some online research and learned of the portforwarding problem. I did that and it swiftly made all my peer connections direct and I was able to play happily that night. The following day, I turned my computer on to see that I was direct connected to everyone but my peer who was hosting the server, and that connection shared between the server host  and I was the dreaded relayed connection. I did some more research and came up short other than letting all the ports through my Windows Firewall.  Restarted my Router, Modem, Computer Hamachi, and nothing seemed to work. So I figured I would turn to the forums and maybe we could find this problem for everyone out there because it is apparently a common issue with Hamachi. Any ideas on how to make my connection direct from relay to a single peer that is giving me problems?


TL;DR: What can I do to make my relayed connection with my friend direct after I already did the steps noted above?



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Re: Changing a Relayed Connection to a Direct Connection.

Posted this in the wrong section , sorry.