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GATEWAY not working


I've been trying to create a Gateway network but without any success. I could create a Mesh network and it works fine, but Gateway looks like it is not working. After installing Hamachi2 on an XP SP3, I get the 5.x.x.x IP but it can not connect to the servers . It shows "resolving".....

a couple of questions:

1. do I have to physicaly place the "Gateway" in a specific place in the network?

2. how does the "Gateway" work? Is this a new DHCP in my network?

3. what about if I have the same IPs in my network with the ones that "Gateway DHCP" will assign?

4. some network diagrams will be helpful

5. why you don't specify that we should not configure a Gateway on a server with Domain in place? I did a big mess on my network...

6. some case studies are helpful, too.