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Hamachi Gateway 11/19 --IMPORTANT MESSAGE--

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The latest version, version, should resolve this issue.


Please update to the latest version by using the Check for Updates option on the Help portion of the Software, or by downloading the latest version from here.




Step #1: Launch the Network Connections menu from the control panel (or type Network Connections in the start search bar and hit enter)




Step #2: Right-Click on the adapter calledHamachiand select Properties




Step #3: Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click Properties




Step #4: Click Advanced




Step #5: Click Edit and change the gateway from to (if this field is empty, still change it to




Once these changes have been applied, Windows may ask whether Hamachi is a Home, Work, or Public Network, or you can manually apply this in the Network and Sharing Center. Select either Home or Work on Windows 7/8, or Private on Vista, and everything should function as usual.



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Re: Hamachi Gateway 11/19 --IMPORTANT MESSAGE--


please update to the latest version( which fixes the problem. You can use the Help|Check for updates... menu.