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Hamachi Ping times out, but other user can ping me

I've used Logmein hamachi for years without problems. Usually I use ti to spoof a LAN connection, so i can play Minecraft in "lan" mode with a friend.


Recently it hasn't worked. Everything looks fine, I can join my friend's network and he can join mine, I hover over his name and it says "direct tunnel" and his name bubble thing is green with wobbles either side of it as usual. but when I right click and select ping: Request timed out. Over and over.


I've been looking around on here and there are many of these threads. This one seems to be the most answered: /t5/Hamachi/Ping-Request-Timed-out/td-p/121480


The network engineer on there (post #4) said to "Delete the default gateway", but how exactly do you do this?


I also tried setting my metric as he recommended and it also didn't work.


I tried installign a different VPN thing (Evolve), which also isn't working, so unsurprisingly when I reinstalled hamachi and rebooted my PC it still didn't work.


I tried going to Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and dding ibound and Outboudn Rules for hamachi to allow it to connect and it still doesn't work.


What other magix network tat can I try? This might be broken due to either windows update or due to having a new ISP. Either way I'd appreciate some advice, as I've been at this for hours now.

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Re: Hamachi Ping times out, but other user can ping me



This issue is usually a case of the firewall blocking the connection so you need to try the steps outlined here on the machine that can't be pinged:



I hope this helps!

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Re: Hamachi Ping times out, but other user can ping me



I experience the same problem but I am using Hamachi + Haguichi on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. My friend on the same network can ping me from their Windows machines but I cannot ping them.


I can ping and my Hamachi IP(25.x.x.x) on my own computer.


I am aware of iptables but I find its configuration too complicated to use and it does not seem to have the ability to allow traffic to/from specific applications.


Any advice/help is much appreciated.