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Hamachi Troubles

Hi, Ive been trying to connect to Hamachi for my friends Private server. And i get that error where it cant connect to the Hamachi Adapter. So i looked up various guides about this issue, and tried Dozens of things but nothing seems to work. I look in my Network Connections folder and nothing whatsoever it in there and i have no idea what to do. Yiou can contact me fast at xfire, videogamefreak911. Or post on here, Please ive been trying for hours and nothing works. I think it has something to do with my modem but i really have no idea. Please help.

Im also running XP, so idk what the problem is.
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RE: Hamachi Troubles

If you are having problems with Hamachi, you will receive more help, and better advice, if you post your problem on the HAMACHI forum and not the LogMeIn RESCUE forum.
Many people here never heard of Hamachi, or don't use it.  The people in the RESCUE forum generally uses the RESCUE program.
The Hamachi forums can be selected from the listing of ALL FORUMS.  At that point, you are also directed to https://forums.hamachi.cc


(DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an employee of LMI, nor do I have any financial concern in LMI. I am strictly a HAPPY USER of LMI products. I am using PC version and XP SP2. Other systems or versions may act different than described above.)