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How safe is Hamachi??

I am testing Hamachi Free on 2 PC. I have successfully set up a VPN and I could use UVNC and share files.  
Just need to know how safe is Hamachi? Does the VPN go through a "super server"? 
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RE: How safe is Hamachi??

Hamachi works just like the other LMI products.  It uses a SuperNode or Server to broker the initial connection and then hands off the connections to the peers, meaning that the connection is just between the client systems and nothing is going thru the server (The server does keep information on the connections and sends keep alive packets to maintain them, but you are not exchanging your data with the server).
There are exceptions to this.  If Hamachi can not broker a peer to peer connection is will use a server to route your data to it's destination.  In this case you data is 'flowing' thru the server, but your data is encrypted.
Your biggest issue is that technically any user that knows your network name can attempt to gain access.  You can minimize this by not publishing your network and keeping a strong password.
The short answer is yes, it is safe.
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RE: How safe is Hamachi??

thanks for yuor reply.
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Re: RE: How safe is Hamachi??

Is there anything that prevents the server from silently connecting to the network? How can I verify that the client really doesn't send the server the private key used to encrypt the data?


Thanks in advance!