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How to force Hamachi to use relay servers

Hi All,

My office in Europe needs to be connected with my office in Asia. But the direct route between the networks is very bad.
So I tried using Hamachi to see if that made a difference. And yes it was all going very fast when the 2 networks were connected via Hamachi. But this connection was via the high bandwidth relay server as indicated by the blue star in front of the computer nodes on the network.
Apparently the 2 computers both have a good connection with the Hamachi relay server.

Now comes my problem.
After a while Hamachi established a direct P2P link ( green star ) and now the connection is very slow again just as if I would not use Hamachi at all. And that makes sense because a direct link would basically take the same ( in my case unacceptably slow route ) as any other direct connection between the 2 computers would. And I wanted to use Hamachi to alter that route.

So is there any way I can configure Hamachi to only use the high bandwidth relays?

I am still in evaluation mode of the commercial product so I would be greatly helped if I were enabled to resolve this before the evaluation period ends so that I can purchase some licenses with confidence it will solve my problem.