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How to recover old networks

I already read a lot of post about the same problem, and someone told there was in the past an option to take over old networks.


I changed my PC and lost access to an old network.

  1. Can I take over it?
  2. Will it eventually expire if not used?
  3. Since I regitered my free copy of Hamachi with an online account, if I reinstall Hamachi by clearing the user configurtion and link the new installation with my online account, will I be able to recover all my admin rights on my new channels?
  4. I created a new Network with the same name in my web account, but I need to acced it though its ID, because the name is already taken by the old account I lost password (and rights) to.

    Is there a way to use the name and not the ID (ie replace the old unused network)? It will be simpler for the friend who join my channels...

Thanks for any information you could provide,

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Re: How to recover old networks

Oops wrong section?

Maybe it should be in the 'Free' area?

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Re: How to recover old networks

 I ve got the same error on windows 8 and it s giving me a brain cancer



*reinstalling OS won't help you / i already tried it several times

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Re: How to recover old networks

@ 1 - no. 


@ 2 - hard to say, but you can use LogMeIn Hamachi User Guide (from page 30 or something - PDF file ) 


@ 3 ... again not sure, but it could be better if you just create copy and apply it, on new insttalation of hamachi


@4 ... only if network will expire or when it will be deleted