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LAN Networks

Ok, so I use Hamachi to play games with my friends over LAN- and in particular, one of these games in Minecraft.

When I play, I'm able to play perfectly fine connecting to my friends' servers, but whenever they try to connect to mine, it gives them a timeout error; like the ones I get whenever my Hamachi isn't even online. So if anyone is a gamer or just an expert user of Hamachi, and can assist me with this or point me in some direction, I would highly appriciate it. 





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Re: LAN Networks

Hmm this could be due to the type of network you have set up. I don't know about minecraft personally but I think you would need to make sure your network type is mesh and not hub and spoke.
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Re: LAN Networks

Danke, let us know if changing it to a Mesh network helped!