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Logmein Hamachi Connection Problems

I am testing Logmein Hamachi for a client, and having a connection problem.  The setup is:
- 2 computers - Windows 7 64 bit and Windows XP SP3 32bit
- Hamachi version installed on each
- Both clients attached to a LogMeIn account
- 1 mesh network called FooNet123 and is password protected
- Windows 7 computer established FooNet123
- Windows XP computer joined FooNet123
- Both Hamachi clients are online
- Kaspersky Pure installed on each, and firewall allows Hamachi
- Each computer can Ping the other from Hamachi 

The problem is:
- Windows XP computer available in Windows 7 explorer, and XP shares available, but not available an hour later.  Must restart hamachi on both clients to see the XP machine
- Windows 7 computer NOT available at all in Windows XP Explorer or Network Places

- When choosing to "browse" the Windows 7 computer from using the XP Hamachi interface, the Explorer error appears:
"The Path \\<Windows 7 Hamachi IP>\ does not exist or is not a directory

and... When trying to add a network place manually on the XP computer for Windows 7 computer share using the form \\<windows 7 Hamachi IP> \<Windows 7 Share Name>, all valid shares on the Windows 7 error as well, which kind of makes sense is the explorer can't find the Hamachi IP.

The Hamachi setup is plain vanilla on each computer.

What can be wrong with the XP computer's setup, or is there something I;m missing on either computer to explain this?



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Re: Logmein Hamachi Connection Problems

Are these two computers in the same workgroup?

See if any info in this article helps.