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Full Screen Resolution Scaling in Ignition

I do most of my support on a full HD 1920x1080 LCD and whenever l  connect to a remote system that has a lower resolution (typically 1024x768) I get large black bars around the remote screen using Ignition for Windows.  No amount of fiddling with the zoom or remote resolution settings seems to correct it.

With Ignition I was hoping for a more Remote Desktop like experience when it comes to resolution scaling.  Any chance of this being changed in the future?

Also, I second some of the other users on this form for a ticket/notation system built into LMI as well as a way to power on remote machine WITHOUT having to use a browser. After all LMI is paid software  and I’m sure these features would only add ignitions robustness.



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Re: Full Screen Resolution Scaling in Ignition

I have the same issue. Can we get someone from Logmein to answer this question of scaling? It is annoying when you have multiple PC's to access remotely and they all have their own proprietary resolution (due to their graphics card). How can this be fixed? Anyone??

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Re: Full Screen Resolution Scaling in Ignition

Actually this is not a problem but how it works. Ignition uses by default user's resolution and if user has an aspect ratio of 4x3 and you have a 16x9 or 16x10 aspect ratio (widescreen), then logically you'll have black bars on the sides (to avoid stretching).


I understand your issue (I too sometimes get headaches because scaling a low resolution to a 1080p resolution makes text fuzzy) but there are many people (including me) who actually like it this way because changing user's resolution to your needs is gonna change their desktop icon's placement, resize some windows you open etc. and many users/customers are not happy with that.


Lastly, I think (I haven't tested it myself) the latest version let's you change resolution.