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keyboard problems on iPad

1) The shift key akways acts as a caps lock, whefher you're doing caps lock or not.


2) Bluetooth keyboards don't work well.  With other apps, bt keyboard are always active.  With Logmein, the bt keyboard is onky active when you turn on the virtual keyboard.

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Re: keyboard problems on iPad

I'm new to this product so this may be an issue of my inexperience.  I did look around on the boards for an answer.


I'm using a bluetooth keyboard with the iPad when at a desk.  I expected the control, option and command keys to behave as they do on my Macbook Pro.  Command tab to switch between applications for example.


Is this possible?


Can you point me to the docs describing this feature?



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Re: keyboard problems on iPad

 I was just coming here to report the same two problems with the iPad keyboard. It doesn't work until you press the keyboard button, and modifier keys (command, option, etc) don't work at all.