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ADFS - Federated migration failing - Logs show "no recovery key"

We have a dozen accounts that were pre-made before enterprise. First step was to send them an activation link so they could bring their accounts to the Enterprise level. Once they synced over using the AD connector, I selected them to become federated accounts - using ADFS - under Settings > Federated Login > Federated Users. Ok, next go to the AD Connector > AD FS Tab > Select Migration and it starts. I check the logs and it gives me this: 



<user error="no recovery key" completed="false" timestamp="2021-02-04T" samaccountname="user-here" lastpassguid="#########" email=""/>....


Then I check the Admin portal and they become stuck "In Process". Only to be released in a couple hours. 


Now I have had this issue before and I was able to bypass it by removing them and re-selecting them for federated users, and trying the migration again for the second time but now that isn't working.


What am I doing wrong here? 



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Re: ADFS - Federated migration failing - Logs show "no recovery key"



If you haven't yet resolved this issue, so that our team can help resolve this as soon as possible, could you reach out to the Enterprise Support team to investigate this more deeply? You can access our Enterprise support number through your LastPass Admin Console > Support or request a callback by scrolling down and clicking "Contact Support" on this page and entering your Enterprise account info and you should then be given the option to receive a callback usually within less than 5 minutes:

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Re: ADFS - Federated migration failing - Logs show "no recovery key"

Hello Lenny


I face the exact same problem, and have an active LogMeIn support ticket (#14725204) regarding this.

My experience is:

  • You should always use the Master Account used when creating your company account, when you log in to the AD Connector.
  • You should always remember to clear the two folders, that the migrate process creates on your desktop during migration ("blob_storage" and "GPUCache").

If I use one of our "secondary" admin accounts or forget to clear the two folders, migration seems to always fail.


Best regards

Ernst Mikkelsen