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Admin Console shows incorrect MFA status for some users

Our LastPass Enterprise Admin Console reports that some users do not have Multifactor enabled when they are actively using various MFA options to log in.

We have 2 YubiKey users, 2 Google Authenticator users, 1 Authy user, and 1 Tofu user on a mix of browser extensions (at least Chrome and Brave).
We are using the "Require any MFA option after grace period" policy and the affected users are past the grace period.
I've verified with one YubiKey+Chrome user that the YubiKey is configured and is shown as being Enabled in their enterprise account. The other users report needing to use MFA to log in but I have not asked them all to re-configure it since it seems more to me like something on the admin console side.

We have other users using the same MFA options (especially Google and YubiKey) which are shown correctly in the Admin Console. I haven't been able to find any other similarities between the affected users with regard to when they were added to the enterprise, differing groups, or other policies.

Since these users are actually logging in with MFA it seems to me like there is just some issue with propagating that information to the UI. It would be great to resolve so that we can trust the reporting and I know who to bother about their MFA 😉

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Re: Admin Console shows incorrect MFA status for some users

I am also having a similar issue when viewing MFA status within the Users Tab.  For me nothing shows up and we have the policy set to enforce MFA with no grace period so all active users are connected to some sort of MFA.

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Re: Admin Console shows incorrect MFA status for some users

My organization is having the same issue with the LastPass authenticator unreported for team members who have verified use of the authenticator app, and there are random blanks where they should show use of multi-factor. How else can we report accurately on the use/ requirement of the app? Screenshot 2022-04-07 100939.png

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Re: Admin Console shows incorrect MFA status for some users

I've had this problem for a while, filed a case (this week) and was given the tongue-in-cheek response that it was a browser issue and I should clear my cache and cookies and it will work.


Very displeased in the support response on that case.... I'm keeping it open.  Telling me that b/t the new and old admin console this view has been a Known Issue and has yet to be fixed for 9+ months with no TBD is not acceptable.