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BUG: I had to reset my account on a fresh Enterprise installation

What I did and what happened:


- started a new trial

- created a couple of accounts

- enable "Require any MFA" policy for all the accounts


At this point I wanted to enable MY OWN mfa... but I wasn't able to find a place to do it (at least not in the Admin interface, where I was working – right?)


So I logged out of the account and... at the next login LastPass wasn't able to recognise my master password (which was 100% correct).


I had for this reason to reset my account (luckily it was still empty) so that I could finally enter again (using the same master password, of course).


Great job, LastPass.


Advice: the first thing you should do with Enterprise is to create another Super Admin account (they can reset the master password)

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