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Browser Extension Log in Issue 5-20-22

Hi, on 5-19 we started getting reports from users that logging in through the Chrome browser extension wasn't working, and they couldn't get to their vaults. We were able to point them to use Edge for the time being while we looked into this with our teams and LastPass Support.

On 5-20 the problem spread to our Edge browser and our only option for users to log in was to do so from the main website.


Our network admins report that there is nothing from that angle blocking any sort of traffic, and our AzureSSO admin verifies that is configured the same with no changes going in during the window this started happening.


Our first steps were to uninstall the extension and reinstall, but that does not fix the problem. We've also installed FireFox and the issue presents itself there as well. The only thing I can see in common is that the service is failing on the hand off back from AzureSSO, but the main website still works so it's all very confusing.

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