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Can't access LastPass created by MSP

Hello everyone,


I am not sure if anyone can help me with this. Currently I am trying to recover access to our last pass account but I can't since I am not sure who created it.


Short story about the company I work for: It's a public company that has around 160 users. This company has gone through, I believe, 2 MSPs. Recently they decided to bring IT inhouse and we are cleaning up a mess. I have access to the email that is tied to the enterprise account, but when I try to reset the master I can't since I've never logged into it on my laptop. The account hasn't been paid for and users can't log in and access their passwords it looks like. Is there a way I can prove that I work for this company and that I'd like to have access to LastPass? I do not have any proof of purchase, or invoices. I've asked the MSPs for them but they say they do not have them. 


I am stuck here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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