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Changing directory integration and federated login provider

We currently have our account set up with Azure AD for the directory integration and federated login, however we are planning an Azure AD tenant migration so I am trying to find out what the impact will be to our user accounts when we make that change.


The usernames and email domain will both stay the same, I believe the only information changing in LastPass is the Azure AD provisioning token for the directory integration, and the Azure AD OpenID Connect metadata and Application (client) ID.


So I am wondering if LastPass will keep the existing federated user accounts and reconnect them to the "new" accounts when we update the directory integration information, or if it will see the federated users as being brand new and require the full initial setup steps to be completed for all of them.



New Contributor

Re: Changing directory integration and federated login provider

We are working through the same type of migration. I know this is an old thread but did you every figure out the solution to your question?