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Disable MFA for user does not disable 'Lastpass MFA'

We signed up for the trial of Lastpass MFA and it expired over the weekend. I was locked out of lastpass completely because I assigned my multifactor login to Lastpass MFA.
I had another administrator go in and disable multifactor authentication so that I could switch back to yubico key, but every time I login I get the Lastpass MFA prompt and it tells me it failed.
If I submit the disable multifactor authentication myself, the website says that it is already disabled.

There seems to be no way to remove Lastpass MFA as an authentication option at this point.

I opened up a ticket but have not heard a response in two days.

Is there no way to truly remove _ALL_ multifactor authentication from an account?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Valued Contributor

Re: Disable MFA for user does not disable 'Lastpass MFA'

As an enterprise customer, you or your administrator have access to direct telephone support. The phone number can be found in the support section of the admin console.
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Re: Disable MFA for user does not disable 'Lastpass MFA'


I have the same problem. Was there a fix?

I can't find any option to call LastPass and have trawled their website and the Enterprise Admin console.

It all comes back to the same generic page

I have raised a call by email but responses are hours apart and by email. The answers so far are generic and unhelpful.

Currently on hold to LogMeIn Support - listening (appropriately) to the blues

The problem for me is that I can't work. LastPass is actually preventing me from doing anything. Not what I signed up for.
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Re: Disable MFA for user does not disable 'Lastpass MFA'

The same issue is anybody going to fix this for me.  I can't log in to do my work.   You guys have too many security systems on Lastpass. 


I need to remove the MFA.  I get the message below when I try to log in to my account.  I am sorry I even enabled it.  causing a huge mess. 

"Multifactor authentication failed!Dismiss"
I hope somebody reaches out or can remove my MFA on my account so I can log in.   I cant get into any of my accounts with passwords. 
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Disable MFA for user does not disable 'Lastpass MFA'



 So that we can resolve this issue as soon as possible, could you reach out to the Enterprise Support team to investigate and fix this for you? You can access our Enterprise support number through your LastPass Admin Console > Support or request a callback by scrolling down and clicking "Contact Support" on this page and entering your Enterprise account info and you should then be given the option to receive a callback usually within less than 5 minutes:

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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