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Easily send password to other employees

Hi everyone, our org started using LastPass a few months ago and we are a web development company so we have MANY sites/passwords that we juggle. The main issue I have with LastPass is that I cannot easily direct someone where to find the url and password for a specific site. Our previous password manager had a couple methods that made the process easier:

  1. Users could generate a one-time link to share credentials with someone (even if they aren't logged in)
  2. Users could copy the vault file path so any authenticated users could paste the path into the search bar and go right to the specific password.
  3. I think there was also a 'link' option that only authenticated users could access and would send them straight to the target.

Right now, the process is pretty painful because I visit my vault to view the password, then have to manually type out the path or the 'name' (by the way, I typo all the time), then the other employee has to open their vault and either manually navigate through the file tree I provided or search the name I provided and hope that it's unique. Is there something I am missing? I feel like this needs to be better thought out for enterprise users. This limitation is making me miss our old provider...